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A Polish Wedding Part 4 The Reception PDF Print E-mail

dsc02522So the wedding ceremony is over, but that is just only the beginning of this wonderful event.

On the way from the church to the reception, something happened that I was not prepared for.  We are driving along in the caravan of vehicles honking horns and all that noise making activity, when all of a sudden everyone stops. I am in the vehicle behind the bride and the groom so I get to see what is happening. Someone has stepped into the middle of the road and stopped the caravan. A table is carried into the road and places are set for two along with a bottle of vodka and shot glasses. The new couple exits their vehicle and take their places at the table. They are served a drink of vodka and something quick to eat. The couple returns to their vehicle and the table is removed. As the caravan pulls away, those that stopped the couple wave goodbye and send their good wishes to the new couple. This scenerio repeats itself many times before FINALLY arriving at the place where the reception will be held.

We arrive at the reception and the couple is greeted from a member of the staff with a loaf of bread. The bread symblizes the beginning of their new life and wishes that they may never go hungry.  

dsc02528Once inside, the bride and groom are given wine glasses bound by a ribbon to symbolizes enjoying the sweetness of life together. The couple drink the wine and proceed to throw the glasses on the floor behind them. Glass is everywhere, but the staff at the reception are quick to clean it all up, making it safe for the guests.

Music begins playing as guests take their seats and the food begins to arrive. There is so much food that a person does not know where to begin. Food will continue to be served all through the night to compliment all the vodka that will soon be consumed. A tradition I also learned about is that the Godfather of the groom plays an important roll during the festivities of the reception. He is responsible for making sure that the dsc02555vodka never runs out. He must be vigilant that the vodka at every table is always available. I believe that at this celebration of 87 guests there were about 167 bottles of vodka ready waiting to be consumed, and consume they did! The first night of celebration went on till 5am but I only made it till 2am. All the vodka made me "sleepy".

The dancing begins and everyone is having a lot of fun and I am no exception! The vodka has an effect that makes dancing painless!  Most of you guys out there will know what I mean!

At midnight the bride and groom cut their cake and share a piece with each other.
Once the cake is cut and everyone gets a piece, the real craziness begins. After midnight some of the more adult type games begin and may I say that at this point my memory has begun to fade. I only recall bits and pieces... remember that I was only able to make it until about 2 am. My concept of time obviously skewed, I can only rely on the statements of others as to the time my celebrating ended.

At 5am everyone returns home, but wait... this is only the beginning. Everyone is returning home only to get a short recooperation period. The party will continue again that evening. Most everyone returns that evening to once again repeat the process that occured the night before. The difference this night is that the dress code is a little less formal and the party does not go on as late. Everyone has a wonderful time, and I have decided I would severely limit the amount of vodka I consume, although there were others who ended up as I did the night before.

dsc02674WOW you say, two receptions, that is quite the party ,but wait.... It is still not over! The third night of post wedding celebration has yet to come. The night following the second reception, guests that are still available will gather at the home of the bride for one final party. This party is very informal, jeans are the norm. Once again lots of food is served, everyone is dancing and vodka is plentiful. 

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