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DSC06586Yesterday, after a short walk to the Olympia where "Who Do You Think You Are? Live" will be held, and checking to make sure everything would be ready for tomorrow, Alvie Davidson and I took the tube to Westminster.

During todays adventures, I took 249 photos so there is no way you will even come close to seeing everything in this post. To see all the photos taken during our intense tour visit my gallery of photos here.

At Westminster, I saw the famous large ferris wheel. Of course I had to get a photo of the red telephone booths.

One monuments that stood out was Westminster Palace and Big Ben. I took a lot of photos of that from every angle possible.

The weather was warm and we were slightly uncomfortable in our coats, but at least it was not cold. The beautiful weather brought out all the tourists to this famous spot.

I also had the opportunity to see Westminster Abby before we stopped for lunch at The Red Lion. I am not a seafood eater, but I thought it was neccesary that I eat something traditional here, so I had myself some fish and chips! :)

I will make a post later about our afternoon adventures.

Here is the link to todays photos.

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